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Skin Tag Removal

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Remove Your Unwanted Skin Tags

Say goodbye to unwanted, non-cancerous skin tags with our safe and non-invasive removal treatment, with topical numbing cream for a low-pain experience.

A plasma pen uses plasma to “vaporize” the skin, creating micro-injuries on the surface in the form of tiny burns. These burns will scab as part of the body’s natural response to injury. And when they fall off, the skin tags, moles and other blemishes will fall off with them.

After we have examined your blemish we cleanse your skin, dry it and mark the areas we are treating. Then, if needed, we numb the area with a gel or cream. 

The plasma pen is very accurate so we can control the strength of the intensity of the plasma is. We burn off the mole, skin tag or wart in short bursts until the area is covered. The area treated will dry and shrink. Over a few days the plasma dots start scabbing and drying out. Then they begin to naturally drop off. There's no need for creams or lotions. You will receive after care guidelines as you leave. 

Removing moles, skin tags and warts this way is a simple process.

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