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Candle Offerings for 9 Tailed Fox Queen New Temple

RM 36.00
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"Oh Great Goddess Nine Tailed Fox Queen, I seek for your blessings, guidance and protection in my life's journey.

Grant me the strength, wisdom and patience to face my challenges and overcome them. Guide my steps towards opportunities for financial growth and success."

100% of profit goes to the temple building fund. 

Ritual date : Every new moon and full moon. 

1 slot = 1 name

Kindly provide fullname and birthdate in Remark box.

**Rituals will be done at our altar. No candle will be shipped or to be collected by customer. 

** The website system will auto cancel orders without attached payment receipt after 1 hour of submitting the order.


100% keuntungan disalurkan ke tabung pembinaan kuil.

Tarikh ritual: Setiap bulan baru dan purnama. 

1 slot = 1 nama

Sila berikan nama penuh dan tarikh lahir di kotak Remark.

**Ritual akan dilakukan di altar kami. Tiada lilin akan dihantar atau diambil oleh pelanggan.

** Website akan auto cancel order² yang tiada resit bayaran selepas 1 jam membuat order.

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